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The Ancient Quarry

The quarries of Lake Como have provided the stones used to build houses, palaces, churches, bridges and an infinite number of stone walls that still terrace the slopes of the Larian mountains.

The stone was brought down the hillside on the "lizze" (wooden sledges), and the journey continued on wagons and finally they were put on the “comballi”, which were typical large sailing vessels historically used on Lake Como for the transport of heavy goods.

These large boats with square sails went down to Como in the morning, taking advantage of the Tivano, the mountain breeze, and they returned north in the afternoon thanks to the Breva, the valley breeze.

Villa Torno and the walls surrounding the garden were constructed and restored with stones from the quarry, which was already operating in the 17th century.

Erika the owner


Erika Trojer, owner of the house, was born in San Candido, South Tyrol, Italy on May 16th, 1968. After finishing her studies and obtaining a degree in accounting she moved to Milan, Italy where she began modeling. It was thanks to this career that she was able to travel all over the world. In 1997 she moved to Cernobbio on the lake of Como where she currently resides with her family. It is here that she became aware of her passion for art.

She understands the power of material, to be appreciated not only with the eyes but also with touch and other sense too. She sees beauty in everything that is a scrap, waste, trash, but nevertheless, a material that has the capacity to tell its own story  sometimes it's great accomplishments of the past. 

This is what her pieces of art are about, saving scraps and bringing them back to life to communicate an aesthetic message, but also to tell stories of a work process, people and lives. She has exhibited her art pieces in Italy, Europe and the United States. 

Some of Erika's art pieces adorn Villa Torno, together with primitive art pieces collected by her husband Enzo.

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